Weeding project – Round 1

Update, Nov. 23, 2011:  In response to concerns about the project expressed in the facultyforum listserv and elsewhere, we are working with faculty leadership to make adjustments that we hope will address some of these concerns.  In the meantime, the December 2 deadline for faculty to review the Round 1 lists has been extended; as soon as we have a new deadline we will announce it in the facultyforum list and on this blog.  Thanks to everyone who has participated in this discussion!


Conducting a weeding project is very labor-intensive for everyone who works in the library as well as faculty and others who are involved.  We have split our project into three rounds so that the volume of work is not overwhelming.   In each round, we will review weeding lists from a different range of LC call numbers.

In Round 1, we are reviewing lists of books with call numbers A through G.  What subjects are covered?  Here’s the breakdown:

Class A – General Works (encyclopedias, general reference works, collections of classic works)

  • AM – Museums and collecting

Class B – Philosophy / Psychology / Religion

  • B – BD – Philosophy
  • BF – Psychology
  • BH – Aesthetics
  • BJ – BX Ethics; Religion

Class C – Auxiliary Sciences of History (history of civilization, archaeology, numismatics, inscription, heraldry, genealogy)

  • CT – Biography

Class D – History: General and Old World

Class E – History: United States

Class F – History: Americas

Class G – Geography / Anthropology / Recreation

  • G-GF – Geography, Oceanography, Environment, Ecology
  • GN – Anthropology, Archaeology
  • GR-GT – Folklore, Manners, Customs
  • GV 1-1570; 1800-1860 Recreation, sports
  • GV 1580-1799 – Dance

A librarian is assigned to each of these subject areas and will do an initial review of the list for their call number range(s), flagging the books they recommend the library retain.  By mid-October, the lists will be posted for faculty to review and make retention recommendations.  We will notify faculty when the lists are available for them to review.

In December, we will review the recommendations and make final decisions about what books to withdraw.  In the winter and spring of 2012 these books will be pulled from the shelves and processed.  At the same time, we will begin the review process for Round 2 (Round 2 LC classes are still to be determined).

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