Rethinking Library Resources presentation on Feb. 28

The campus conversation about the library weeding project is continuing.  On Friday, February 17 Andrew Klein, Science Librarian, spoke about the project at an NSM lunch, and there was an excellent discussion afterward.  Thanks to everyone who took part!

The next event is a lunch presentation on Tuesday, February 28 from noon-1pm in the Develin Room, by Rick Lugg and Andy Breeding of Sustainable Collections Services (SCS), on ‘Rethinking Library Resources.’  Rick and Andy worked with us to analyze our collections, combine it with information about the collections of other libraries, and create the weeding candidate lists for our project.  Both have Master of Library and Information Studies from Simmons College, and years of experience working with a variety of libraries to analyze their processes and collections.  In 2007, SCS (then R2 Consulting) came to Wesleyan to assess the library’s technical processes; as a result we made a number of changes that increased our efficiency and positioned us to take advantage of upcoming developments in library systems and services.

In their Feb. 28 presentation, Rick and Andy will talk about the revolution in library collections in the past few decades.  How is the shift from print to electronic resources changing the nature of library collections?  What strategies are libraries using to deal with space and financial constraints?  How are they balancing the needs of their patrons with the necessity of preserving the complete scholarly record?

Please join us for lunch on Tuesday the 28th to discuss these and other questions, and how the answers have shaped the library weeding project here at Wesleyan.

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