Weeding: It’s not just for monographs …

UPDATE, April 2, 2012:  Thank you to everyone who responded!  Because of the concerns you expressed about the usability of the online versions of many of these titles, we have decided to retain several of them (see below for indications of which are being retained).  We will only re-consider them for withdrawal if we get to the end of the project and have not made our 60,000 volume withdrawal target.

We will withdraw the volumes of the other titles listed below and recycle them (the print versions are widely available elsewhere and there are stable online equivalents).  The 332 volumes withdrawn will count toward the withdrawal target for the project.

Thanks again for your comments and your patience!

Original March 6, 2012 post:  In addition to the monographs that meet our weeding candidate criteria, we are also considering the withdrawal of other items, including selected bound journals and sets that are also available online.  So far we have identified the following journal volumes and sets that might be weeded:

The Nation, 1866-1966 in Olin (201 volumes) – Will retain.

The Nation, 1912-1948 duplicate volumes in SciLi (36 v.) – Will withdraw.

New Republic, 1914-1975 (170 v.) – Will withdraw.

Economist (London), 1868-1976 (232 v.) – Will retain.

Hansards, 1803-1908 (420 v.) – Will retain.

Investor’s Monthly Manual, 1869-1916 (44 v.) – Will withdraw.

Bulletin of the Pan American Union, 1913-1948 (82 v.) – Will withdraw.

The Living Age, 1844-1941 (360 v.) – Will retain.

Total volumes that might be weeded: 1545

These are all available in full-text online on very stable, reliable platforms.  We are currently reviewing other journals the library holds in both bound and online versions, to determine what other volumes we might withdraw.

All the journal volumes we withdraw will count toward the 60,000-volume target for the weeding project.

We plan to withdraw these volumes later this spring.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our doing so, please let us know by the end of March by contacting me (Pat Tully, that is), your departmental liaison, or using the weeding project email address: weeding@wesleyan.edu.

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  1. elizabeth milroy says:

    Please hold onto the Nation, the Economist and the Living Age — on-line scans are illegible for the purpose of making scans for PowerPoint lectures. And I often assign students to browse these and other magazines — an impossible task online…

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