Round 1 winding down …

As you know, the deadline for faculty to review and mark the Round 1 withdrawal candidate lists is the end of this month.  Round 1 includes lists of books with call numbers beginning A – G.

What happens next (Round 1)

Finalizing the lists:

Any book on the lists that has gotten one or more marks from faculty to ‘Keep this copy,’ will be removed from the withdrawal list.

Any books that have circulated in the past year will be removed from the withdrawal lists.

The librarian(s) in charge of selection for each discipline will review the lists a final time, in particular those books that have been marked to ‘Keep an edition,’ to determine whether there is another copy or edition in our collection:

  • If there is no other copy or edition in the library’s collections, the book will be retained.
  • If there is another copy or edition, the librarian will determine which copy or copies to retain.

Processing books for withdrawal:

Once the withdrawal lists have been finalized, the books on the lists will be pulled from the shelves.  A book that is on a list but missing from the shelf (and we anticipate that there will be some of these), will have a mark put on its record and a search will be done for the book.

The books pulled will be processed for withdrawal, and their catalog records marked so they no longer appear when someone is doing a search.

We will periodically run statistical reports from the catalog on the number of books withdrawn as a result of this project, to track our progress toward the 60,000 target.

Withdrawn books:

Just before the fall semester begins, the books will be placed on the Withdrawn Book shelves.  Faculty and academic departments can take the withdrawn books for their office collections through mid-October.

Book sale and after:

In mid-October the Friends of the Wesleyan Library will hold a book sale that includes any withdrawn books that have not been taken by faculty or departments.

Any withdrawn books not sold in the book sale will be picked up by B-Logistics, a company that will sell the books if possible, sharing the proceeds with the library, or recycle the books that cannot be sold.

Rounds 2 and 3

The withdrawal candidates lists for Rounds 2 and 3 are available for faculty to review:

  • Round 2 lists (for books with call numbers beginning with P): Deadline for faculty review is October 31, 2012.
  • Round 3 lists (for books with call numbers beginning H – N; and Q – Z): Deadline for faculty review is March 31, 2013.

After Round 3 is complete and the books have been processed for withdrawal, we will determine whether we have met the 60,000 volume withdrawal target.

Round 4

If we have not met the target, we will have a Round 4 in which we review books that have gotten a single mark to retain in the first three rounds.  Faculty will be invited to participate in this review if it is necessary.  No more details are worked out just now; if we need to have a Round 4 we will let everyone know.

Thank you

Many, many thanks to all of you who have participated in the Round 1 review, and to this semester’s conversation about the weeding project.  Please continue to let us know your thoughts, suggestions and concerns about the project.  You can contact your department’s library liaison, the University Librarian Pat Tully (x3887, or, or the weeding project email,

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