Round 1 ends; Round 2 begins …

The Round 1 withdrawal candidate lists (for books with call numbers beginning with A – G) were closed for faculty review on May 31.  Librarians are just completing their final review of the lists this week.  We will then delete from the withdrawal candidate lists any books marked by a faculty member or librarian to be retained, and provide the final lists to our Access Services staff.  They will begin pulling and processing the books to be withdrawn.   Once they have been withdrawn, they will be available for faculty to take for their offices—we will send an announcement to that effect to the faculty forum listserv.

Here are the data on Round 1:

Total books on initial Round 1 weeding candidate lists:


Books marked ‘Keep this copy’ or ‘Keep an edition’ (both will be retained for now):


Round 1 books to be withdrawn:


Percentage of Round 1 candidates that will be withdrawn:


Percentage of the 60,000-volume target met by Round 1:


Our objective is to reach our target by the end of Round 3; this percentage does not quite put us on track to meet that target.  But scholarship in several of the subjects covered in Round 1—including philosophy, religion and history—is largely monograph-based.  This is not as much the case in some other disciplines, particularly those covered in Round 3.  We anticipate that a larger percentage of books in these disciplines will be approved to withdraw.

Round 2 review begins:  The withdrawal candidate lists for Round 2 are available for review by current and emeritus faculty and librarians:  Just log in using your Wesleyan user name and password.  Round 2 focuses on the Library of Congress P classification: Languages and Literatures.  Works of fiction and literature in all languages are included, as well as books on philology, linguistics, poetry, essays, drama and critical works.

The Round 2 lists will be available for faculty to review and to marks books for retention until October 31, 2012.  Librarians who are liaisons/selectors for these disciplines are reviewing and marking the lists as well.

If you have any questions or concerns about Round 2 or the weeding project, please get in touch with the liaison for your department or program, or contact me directly at; x3887.

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