Project update, May 14, 2013

The faculty review of the Round 3 withdrawal candidate lists ended on March 31—once again thanks to all of you who took the time to review the lists!  By now you’re familiar with the schedule; here’s what will happen when:

May 2013:  The librarians are now completing a last review of the Round 3 lists now; later this month we will retain all books that have received one or more marks to ‘Keep this copy,’ and finalize the list of books to be withdrawn.

June-August, 2013:  Over the summer we will pull and process these books for withdrawal, and put them on the weeded book shelves in Olin.

July-October, 2013:  Withdrawn books will be available for faculty to take for their office or departmental collections until Homecoming weekend.

November 2, 2013:  The remaining withdrawn books will be offered in the Friends of the Wesleyan Library fall book sale.

November 4, 2013:  B-Logistics will pick up the remaining Round 3 books to be sold or recycled.

When the third round is complete, we project that we will have withdrawn approximately 38,635 volumes.  This is 21,365 volumes short of our target:

vol. weeded by round

How are we planning to meet the target by spring 2014?

This summer and fall we are planning a number of projects to help us get there:

–          Review of multiple editions:  In the first three rounds, a significant number of volumes were marked ‘Keep an edition,’ but not ‘Keep this copy.’  We have reviewed these and are retaining all books for which we only have a single edition.  This summer, subject specialists will review the remaining books for which we have multiple editions to determine if any might be withdrawn.

–          Review of duplicate copies:  We did this several years ago with books for which we have more than two copies; this summer we will review books for which we have more than one copy, to determine which duplicate copies might be withdrawn.

–          Adding shelves:  On the ground floor of Olin, the government document stacks have the capacity to hold additional shelves.  This summer we will add shelves to this section and then do a major shift of government documents to free shelf space.

We hope to be able to provide an update soon on plans for moving the Art Library.  In the meantime, have a good summer everyone!

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