Project update, December 20, 2013

It is hard to believe that we are approaching the end of this project!  We anticipate reaching our target of 60,000-volumes worth of space created in Olin Library by the end of January, 2013.  Here’s what we’ve been doing this fall:

1. Consultants:  We had two subject specialists come in to review books for possible withdrawal.  Jeff Kaimowitz completed his review of Greek and Roman classical studies books in the storage collection in the basement of the Science Library.  Many of these have not yet been added to the library’s online catalog and so were not considered in Round 2 of the project.   Jeff has flagged books that might be withdrawn; these will be available for faculty review early in the spring semester.

Ellen Embardo reviewed withdrawal in English and American literature that were marked ‘Keep an edition’ by faculty in Round 2.  Works we hold in only one edition were retained, and Ellen reviewed works for which we hold multiple editions to identify possible withdrawal candidates.  Alec McLane and Sally Grucan, Wesleyan librarians who select English and American literature, will next review the candidates selected by Ellen.

2. Print journal volumes:  We have re-considered two large journal sets for withdrawal: The Nation and The Economist.  We now provide access to the electronic version of these journals through a stable, reliable online vendor.

3. PAC storage: In the basement of the Public Affairs Center there is a room that used to hold storage collections.  The library cleared out this space several years ago after installing compact shelving in the basement of the Science Library; we have now refurbished the space to hold little used sets with call numbers from AG – AP93 (paper indexes, old general reference works, etc.).   These will be moved to PAC storage in January.

4. Duplicates:  Librarians responsible for selecting in certain subject areas have been reviewing books for which we have two or more copies to determine which additional copies can be withdrawn.  This has proven more time-consuming than we anticipated, and so we have not identified as many copies to withdraw as we had hoped to do.

5. Science Library:  In January, a small number of books in Olin with call numbers beginning Q – V will be moved to SciLi and inter-shelved with books on the second floor (Shelf space to do so was created over the summer in a shift of the Science Library collection and the addition of some shelving to the second floor.)  Books in SciLi with a call number beginning TR (Photography), will be moved to Olin Library.

As you can see from the graph, we will have reached our 60,000-volume space target by the end of January:

weeding131220Once the move has taken place and things have settled down, we will begin an ongoing, low-level weeding process—we will keep you informed about this using this blog.

This spring the library will be working with Construction Services and others to plan the move of the Art Library in the summer.  We will be providing more details about the plans as they evolve.

Thanks to all of you who have participated in the project—your suggestions, comments and expressions of concern have been invaluable.  Have a good holiday break and a happy 2014!

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