Update: December 8, 2011

In response to concerns about the project expressed in the facultyforum listserv and elsewhere, we are working with faculty leadership to make adjustments that we hope will address some of these concerns.

To this end, Rob Rosenthal has re-established the Library Faculty Advisory Committee (LFAC); the following members of the faculty have agreed to serve:

  • Sally Bachner, English
  • Hilary Barth, Psychology/Neuroscience & Behavior
  • Ron Cameron, Religion
  • Demetrius Eudell, History
  • Michael Roberts, Classical Studies (EPC representative)
  • Jolee West, Academic Computing (ITS representative)
  • Sam Ebb, Class of 2013
  • Rebecca Rubenstein, Class of 2015

Pat Tully (yours truly!) will be the library representative, with librarians and other library staff brought in to discuss issues in their area of expertise.

The first item on the committee’s agenda is a discussion of the library weeding project and what changes might be made to it to address faculty concerns.

In the meantime, the December 2 deadline for faculty to review the Round 1 lists has been extended to February 1, 2012.  To get to the Round 1 lists: http://libr.wesleyan.edu/weeding/fac/fac_weeding.php

Thanks to everyone who has participated in this discussion, and please continue to send your concerns, questions and ideas to me or to another member of the committee.

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