Working in the withdrawal candidate lists

We have received a few questions about how to work with the withdrawal candidate lists; here are some tips:

‘Keep this copy’ v. ‘Keep an edition’:  You have two options for marking a book for retention.  ‘Keep this copy’ indicates that you want this specific edition of the book retained—with this editor, translator, introduction, commentary, etc.  ‘Keep an edition’ indicates that you want an edition of the work retained, but not necessarily this edition of the work.  In the case of a translation, it means that you want a translation of the work in this language, but not necessarily by the same translator.

In Round 1, some books were marked ‘Keep this copy,’ others ‘Keep an edition,’ and some had marks for both.  Books marked ‘Keep this copy’ have been retained.  Books marked only to ‘Keep an edition’ will be reviewed separately to determine how many editions and copies we have of a work, and which to retain in the library’s collection.

Sorting the lists:  The withdrawal candidate lists are in order alphabetically by author, and then by title.  You can re-sort the list to make it easier to review, by clicking ‘Sort by’ under the appropriate column.  Why would you do this?

A Publication Year sort allows you to review the older (or the newer) books on the list.

A CallNum (Call number) sort allows you to review the list by broad subject areas.

A Title sort allows you to review the list for specific titles.

If you have marked titles, click the ‘Submit Changes’ button before sorting or re-sorting; otherwise your marks will be lost.

Keeping track:  Some lists are fairly small and easy to review in a single session; others are quite large.  If you have not finished reviewing a list and want to go back to it, make a note to yourself where you’ve left off and how you’ve sorted it if you’ve done a re-sort.  Then click the ‘Submit Changes’ button before leaving the list.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the library liaison for your department or program, or send an email to

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