Project update, September 6, 2013

We made a lot of progress on the weeding project this summer:

Round 3 withdrawals:  We finalized the list of Round 3 withdrawal candidates (with call numbers beginning with H – N or Q – Z) that were not marked for retention by faculty or librarians, and have withdrawn almost all of the books.  They are now on the weeded book shelves in Olin; faculty and students can take weeded books until the Friends Book Sale on Nov. 2.

‘Keep an edition’:  In the first three rounds, there were many withdrawal candidates marked by faculty or librarians to ‘Keep an edition,’ meaning that the library should retain at least one edition of a work when we hold multiple editions.  This summer we reviewed these and marked to retain all books for which we hold only one copy/edition.  We then brought in a subject specialist to review the remaining books, the bulk of which were in the Ps (Languages & Literatures), to recommend which editions to retain.

Duplicate copies:  Our selectors have been reviewing books for which we have more than one copy, to determine which duplicate copies to withdraw (if any).  This review will continue through the end of this calendar year.

Adding shelves:  We have added shelves to the ground floor stacks in Olin where government documents are located and shifted books onto these shelves, gaining about 1,200 shelves-worth of space with room for approximately 18,000 volumes.  The books now on the high shelves are effectively in storage (a kind of ‘storage in place’); we will retrieve books on these shelves for patrons who cannot reach them.

Science Library:  The Round 3 withdrawals in classes Q-T made it possible to do a major shift of Science Library books on the second floor to give oversize books adequate shelf space.  The map cases, which used to be on the first floor of SciLi, were moved to the ground floor and reorganized for easier access.  Some of the furniture that had been on the ground floor was moved to the first floor, creating a sunny, spacious seating/study area.

Here are the latest counts:

Latest statistics

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